Women change FM

Some of you may have seen it at the movies: The film “Hidden Figures” tells a long overlooked story and dispels prejudice: Women and math are not opposites; together, they have changed our world. Female mathematicians secured the landing of the first men on the moon.

Today, female skills are also indispensable for facilities management. Sasse Group provides numerous examples of how women are changing our world every day through their individual skills. They get air travelers and subways on their way, prepare a productive environment for conference participants, ensure safety in production or keep a watchful eye on energy efficiency. Women bring technology and people’s business together: Their commitment and ideas move our company and our clients. In all of our business units, not only in management, women bear responsibility, shape procedures and processes, and are the guarantors of our “Service Excellence” – and not only on International Women’s Day, but 24/7. Today, a total of 3,380 female employees are associated with the Sasse Family – this corresponds to a female quota of 52 percent. This is a value that is relatively common in FM as a whole. In contrast, Sasse women’s quota of 40 percent in middle management is rather rare in our industry. We actively support this with our comprehensive range of training and education courses.

We would like to take this opportunity to send a heartfelt “thank you” to all women in the Sasse Family for the way they shape our company with their personalities.