Developing and promoting talents

Sasse Academy

Develop your talent and unfold your potential  – Sasse Academy

At Sasse Group, we attribute a high degree of importance to training and development.

The focus is on promoting and developing individual skills and talent.

We regard qualification as an attitude. An attitude towards progress in science and technology, towards changes in processes and procedures and towards the increasing linkage between workspaces and tasks. We receive many impulses in this field: from within, as a learning company that develops and changes; and from outside, through changed, expanded and new tasks on the part of our clients.

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Leaders of a team, a group or a larger performance unit have the fundamental task of achieving the set goals together with their employees. Responding to, challenging and promoting individuals, but also stabilising and shaping the team are the prerequisites for success.

Customer Relationship

The relationship with the client is not only illustrated through personal contact, but also through service presentation and commercial processing. It is a manager’s task to work on this relationship, develop it and effectively communicate it in the company.


The majority of our services take place in the immediate proximity of the client. Appropriate behavior and appearance are therefore integral factors and prerequisites for clients to gain absolute confidence in our reliability.


Each task or contract is defined by a specific goal. Strategy identifies the path to this goal and takes possible challenges and risks into account. Acting and thinking in a goal-oriented manner leads to qualified solutions, increases efficiency and thus contributes to sustainable success.


The quality of a service is determined by the working methods applied. Professional work requires expertise and skills in all areas from planning to execution. Sasse Group’s specialist companies systematically maintain their process-oriented and specialist knowledge in order to achieve high quality standards. The apt use of digital tools is of particular importance.

Sasse Academy provides practical answers

In our internal Sasse Academy, we have been finding practical answers to “qualification as an attitude” for years. We provide a range of training and development opportunities to all Sasse Group employees, no matter which position or area they work in. This way, all employees have the opportunity to further develop their personal talents and acquire new skills. A variety of courses, seminars and workshops are on offer to optimally prepare Sasse Group employees for the challenges and requirements of their specific job.

Combining new ideas with experience

Our training and development offer is deliberately structured very broadly. It is based both on new ideas and on experience. On this combination, we build Sasse Service Excellence with you. Management tasks that meet modern day work requirements and the digitalisation of work processes require good leadership skills coupled with reliable change and innovation management as well as digital training.

Five key areas of competence

Sasse Group focuses on five key areas of competence. These areas define the way of thinking and the appropriate behaviour that form the bedrock of every successful service delivery. Consciously thinking of these areas of competence shapes and defines behaviour in everyday work life.

Effectively communicating with clients

An area of focus at Sasse Academy is to enable participants to recognise the unspoken needs of clients, to develop solutions and to communicate them openly and effectively.

For this reason, communication courses are just as much part of Sasse Academy’s offer as seminars on the efficient integration of new orders into existing processes and structures or courses on the competent use of the Sasse Service App.

Training should be fun

In addition to our face-to-face events and webinars, we have a digital learning platform that offers an extensive range of interactive formats. This allows you to pursue your personal training flexibly when and where it suits you – stationary from your computer or laptop, or remotely on your way to work.