Work experience or job?

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Sasse Group opens the door to a career in facilities management to students

14 days pass by quickly. Sometimes, however an entire new world can be discovered in 14 day- facilities management, for instance. We firmly believe that getting to know a job from the inside and actively participating is far more rewarding than pure theoretical knowledge. Therefore, we offer student internships and career orientation fortnights.

Participate and develop your talent

We promise you honesty, insights behind the scenes, lots of opportunities to talk to team members and active participation. Depending on your specific talents and interest, you can gain an insight into soft, hard or consultancy services.

Gain an insight into work life

We deliver services in a wide range of areas and for a large number of different clients.

Experience our professional world and develop a real understanding of what facilities management at Sasse Group has on offer: diversity & variety; technology & people; fun & team.

Join as an apprentice in one of 6 areas *

All those who have already oriented themselves and who are ready to commence their career can apply for an apprenticeship here:

  • Office Management Assistant
  • Industrial Clerk
  • Industrial Electrician
  • Electrician for Infrastructural Systems
  • Industrial Cleaner
  • Gardener/Landscaper

* only applies in Germany

Dual study combines practice and theory  *

If you want to combine practical experience with academic studies, we recommend that you apply for dual studies with our partner universities DHBW in Stuttgart (Testimonial Kai Arne Zehrer) and Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht, Berlin (Testimonial Jele Kayaci). Courses commence on October 1st every year. Apply here now.

Your career path starts here

The Bachelor of Engineering with a specialisation in Facilities Management  takes 6 semesters and will prepare you well for your future career at Sasse Group. Which requirements should you meet?

  • interest in business administration and technology
  • sound scientific knowledge
  • enjoy solving tricky questions
  • team spirit & good communication skills

Salary and extra security

Through closely combining theory and practice, you can develop your talent even better. At the same time, you will feel more secure when you commence your career. Moreover, you will have a fixed monthly salary to supplement your living expenses during your studies.

* only applies in Germany