Career at Sasse Group


Even if „facilities management“ may sound very technical: people are the focal point of our industry, just like they are anywhere in the service industry. Our job requires attention to the smallest detail in order to wow our clients. This is why it is important to get to know the people we work for extremely well. You already took an important first step through accessing this site.

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Taking a peek into the real-life processes of a company: As a school student or college/university student you have the possibility to complete an internship or trainee program with our company, and gain fascinating insight into a variety of different jobs. See if your dreams match reality. Test where your individual talents and strengths lie. Personally experience just how much fun working in the service industry can be. Are you interested in an internship at Sasse group? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will answer all of your questions honestly and thoroughly.

The sooner you start to compare your theoretical knowledge from university to the real-life experience in a company, the earlier you will feel confident to shape your own future. For some students it might come as a surprise just how many points of entry there are for academic research in facilities management…

During our Trainee-Programme “12 months Facilities Management” you will see how many others have used this chance and have become a part of our team. In short: university graduates who wish to get in contact and apply with us will always find a listening ear, a competent point of contact and a praxis-oriented start at Sasse Group.

Accelerate to full speed: not only runners will find this a successful tactic. We also offer this chance to experienced employees with an interest in facilities management. Your talents and know-how will be much appreciated when it comes to preparing the facilities and properties of our clients for peak performance.  With Sasse Group you have the chance to give your career new momentum and work in a team where new knowledge means more added value. Your application is the first step towards a diverse field of occupation, where your personality and motivation are needed.


Of course classical cleaning jobs will always be a part of our portfolio. However, for their properties and facilities, we offer our clients a plethora of comprehensive services far beyond the expected. This gives our employees the opportunity to introduce their know-how and thrive in their chosen field.

  •      Commercial careers focus on a keen understanding of economic efficiency, the creation of benefits and a confident handling of values – in house as well as with the clients.
  •      Technical careers are much sought after as working environments progress. The use of innovative procedures is as much part of this direction as the maintenance and servicing of the most modern facilities and building technologies.
  •      Cleanliness and safety are directly interlinked wherever companies promise their clients and employees high quality results. This is why cleaning jobs are a key feature at Sasse Group.
  •      Value preservation for buildings means safeguarding investment. Individually tailored staff schedules make contracts turn a profit. This is why we are looking for experts in calculation.
  •      Assistant jobs at Sasse Group mean taking on responsibilities in a partnership alongside a manager – and being their “facilities manager” and network specialist.


As service providers, we experience new situations every single day. Our clients and markets might alter, new technologies change our processes and task descriptions and we organise ourselves better and work more efficiently as we learn more. As a service provider in facilities management we have a holistic view of the contract at all times. Our answer to these challenges: We continuously work on our qualifications. Every single one of us, every team, the entire company – in a fruitful give and take of know-how and experience. Working at Sasse Group enables you to set out on the path of personal growth.

  •   Comprehensive training ensures that every employee has the capability to independently and securely perform their job. No matter what level or task: we will help ensure that you are professionally qualified.
  •   Promoting talents implies a willingness to accept and moderate change. We consider the accompanying offers and possibilities a matter of course.
  •   Sasse Academy offers a comprehensive program of workshops and seminars for your individual advancement – amongst other things with a training centre in Scotland.
  •      Our iAcademy makes use of the chances of e-learning and blended learning. It digitally and interactively enhances training programs in order to deepen knowledge or improve qualifications.


Facilities services aren’t just pulled from a box. They are tightly and immediately interlinked with the industry, the organisation and the professional goals of the individual client. At Sasse Group, we see it as our job to create value for our clients. Therefore, we engage in continuous and constructive dialogue with our clients.

We closely watch, listen, analyse, evaluate situations and put forth recommendations for how our cooperation can be improved. Sasse Service Excellence is closely tied to the motivation of each individual employee and comes hand in hand with responsibility.

  •      Our technicians are in direct control of the facilities and buildings of our clients. With their know-how, coupled with their individual knowledge about the specifics of the location at hand they carry the professional responsibility for the reliable performance of all tasks. Their flexibility and motivation are the driving force behind our work.
  •      With their meticulous knowledge concerning facilities and buildings, our site managers are the first point of contact for staff and clients alike when it comes to the operative performance and detailed requirements. Through recognising change and new opportunities and developing them through dialogue with our clients, they are the key to the preservation and development of our business.

·      Professional, industry-related know-how and communication with the client at eye level make our area supervisors so valuable – for their teams as well as for existing or new clients. Their creativity and leadership qualities are relevant wherever our company wants to stand out from the competition and set out on new paths.

We are a medium-sized company, owned and led by the Sasse Family. This means that the responsibility for the well being of the company and the employees has a name and a face. We communicate openly and honestly, have quick decision-making processes and are highly willing to learn and develop. At Sasse Group, there are many opportunities to take on responsibility and to make a career.

Whoever wants to take a part in actively managing change, rather than merely adapting to it, will find plenty of opportunities to do so.

New ideas, modern technology and a flexible mind are our motivation for innovative processes and services.

If you are enthusiastic about developing your own talent and dealing openly with change, you will find the opportunity to do so at Sasse Group. You can see the enthusiasm that results from this with everyone who already lives the “Sasse Service Excellence” idea that distinguishes our company. We strive to offer our clients value-added benefits in all areas. We are able to do so because employment positions with added value are important to us, as they can be for you!