Sasse Group- Your Facilities Management Partner for

Commercial Services

Planning, documentation, control, reporting: Four essential tasks, which often take place in the background. Nevertheless, they are essential in order to ensure that our services are not only functional but also sustainable.

We have accumulated far-reaching expertise in all areas related to floor space management, such as relocation management, furnishing or CAFM administration. In order to safeguard optimal value creation, we control the entire cost process chain from data entry and maintenance, budgeting and forecasting to analysis and ancillary cost accounting. Always aiming for continuous improvement, we are a constructive partner for our clients. We make intensive use of digital tools.

In property management, Sasse Group’s core competencies benefit our customers. Whether it’s contract, performance or quality management, our holistic approach to managing properties and facilities provides a reliable basis for the comprehensive operation of all these tasks. Our clients directly benefit from our precise knowledge and careful attention to detail, recognition of correlations and process optimisation.

In terms of health and safety, we provide all services that are regularly demanded by companies. Our employees are specialists for occupational safety or fire protection, emergency management and health and safety.

Our services:

  • Area management
  • Cost control
  • Technical management
  • Health & safety
  • Site management

Your Benefit

Why Sasse Group can assist you

  • For area management, such as relocation and furnishing planning or CAFM administration, we apply extensive know-how accumulated over years of experience in various industries and structures.
  • To control costs, we master the entire process chain from data entry and maintenance, budgeting and forecasting, to analysis and accounting for incidental costs, in the interests of optimum value creation.
  • For property management, we rely on the core competencies of Sasse Group in facilities management – regardless of whether it is contract management, performance management or quality management.
  • We offer all services that are regularly demanded in terms of health & safety.
  • For the comprehensive operation of all commercial facilities management tasks, our holistic approach to site and facilities management provides a reliable basis of data and knowledge.
  • We are a constructive partner, striving for continuous improvement and applying digital tools.

Sasse Group

Tailored services for your industry

What do facilities management and the IT management of a company have in common?

Both tasks require efficient networking of a variety of components and services. This saves resources, simplifies decisions and streamlines processes – with more effective overall results than in a heterogeneous landscape. This is where FM comes in, as Sasse Group understands it: smooth transitions at critical interfaces, careful coordination of cross-divisional tasks and sustainable improvement in service quality make our facilities management an all-round service for our customers. Customer needs are addressed in their entirety and quality is right down to the smallest detail.

Integrated facilities services substantially contribute to and add value for our customers. Sasse Group’s services fit seamlessly into the structures and processes of our customers. We know how to recognise, use and shape synergies.

In a dialogue based on partnership, we provide suggestions and impulses for further improvements.

We carry out support processes for you, so that you can make full use of their effect. Examples include higher employer attractiveness through inviting workplaces or a comprehensive investment protection for your properties and facilities.

Based on industry, location, structure and demand, our offer concentrates on three core forms of facilities management: