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For over 45 years we have gathered expertise in a variety of industries.

This means that we are very familiar with the requirements of your industry and can provide you with tailor-made solutions so that you can concentrate on your core business.

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Dr. Eberhard Sasse founded Dr. Sasse AG in Munich in 1976. In line with a “value-added partnership”, Sasse Group focuses on long-term relationships with its clients and  continuous growth. Sasse Service Excellence is defined by:

  • an immediate proximity to the market
  • an intensive dialogue with our clients,
  • a business policy based on sustainability and innovation, and
  • an ongoing integration of the talents and knowledge of  our employees

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Networking is more than digitally linking data and profiles. It lives from the commitment of individuals and organisations. This “togetherness” needs attention and care – like every object in facilities management.

Sasse Group regards itself as an active, responsible element in a complex network. That is why we believe that those who take on responsibility need answers to the questions that move us all.

  • Where is our society moving – and how are we helping to shape this movement?
  • What importance do we attribute to the environment – and how do we contribute to it?
  • How do we meet the rules and challenges of the markets – and how do we implement economics in our environment?

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We are a medium-sized company, owned and led by the Sasse Family. This means that the responsibility for the well being of the company and the employees has a name and a face. We communicate openly and honestly, have quick decision-making processes and are highly willing to learn and develop. At Sasse Group, there are many opportunities to take on responsibility and to make a career.

Whoever wants to take a part in actively managing change, rather than merely adapting to it, will find plenty of opportunities to do so.

New ideas, modern technology and a flexible mind are our motivation for innovative processes and services.

If you are enthusiastic about developing your own talent and dealing openly with change, you will find the opportunity to do so at Sasse Group. You can see the enthusiasm that results from this with everyone who already lives the “Sasse Service Excellence” idea that distinguishes our company. We strive to offer our clients value-added benefits in all areas. We are able to do so because employment positions with added value are important to us, as they can be for you!

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