Combining theory and practice:

Facilities Management for Undergraduates

At Sasse Group undergraduates have a range of opportunities to apply their talent

Studying facilities management means diving deeply into the subject matter, dealing with the most diverse prerequisites, constantly gaining new experiences and accumulating knowledge. Professions in this sought-after service industry combine the need for extensive expertise with the demand for decisiveness. This is reflected in the diversity of qualifications that can be found among the employees of the Sasse Group.

Many subject areas can lead to a career in facilities management

Which courses are particularly useful for a career in facilities management? The range is broader than some might expect: In addition to the specialised FM studies themselves, civil engineering, industrial engineering,

economics and business administration provide our industry with sought-after knowledge. Value creation and economic aspects play an important role in our services.

Technical skills and people skills are required

However, food and beverage, nutrition and hygiene technology may prove very helpful too, since Sasse Group provides facilities services to a wide range of clients in a variety of business sectors. Our work makes use of technology to create a pleasant and productive environment for people. Understanding the wishes and needs of our customers is a central element of Sasse Service Excellence. That is why psychology also proves to be advantageous for our holistic service approach.

Direct access to applied knowledge

We offer student internships at all our locations. This way, we actively contribute to ensuring that students from the most diverse faculties experience the diversity of our industry hands on and are able to gain an authentic experience, through which they can broaden their theoretical background. In particular, we support the acquisition of practical experience in day-to-day operations, for example through integration into operations, controlling, sales or HR projects.

At the same time, we promote the early establishment of an extensive network within the Group and its partners, which will provide a solid foundation for the future career.

In our understanding of partnership, fair remuneration is one of them.

Clever combination of practice and theory

The combination of theory and practice results in a clear added value for students: You will get to know the complex working process of facilities management in its entire range and gain an understanding of the associated qualifications and tasks over a longer period of time.

In addition, you will gain an insight into an industry with a promising future perspective. You will also get to know the corporate culture in a family-run company where diversity and integration are alive on a daily basis.

Write your thesis at Sasse Group

We offer students the opportunity to work on their Bachelor or Master dissertation. No matter whether you already have an exciting topic or whether you are still searching for one, we are convinced that we will find a productive way to help you turn your idea into a result.

In doing so, experienced supervisors from our management team and from HR will offer you support. Just like you, we don’t want your thesis to end up stored in a drawer. Therefore, we will support you in implementing your idea at Sasse Group when you join.

You would like to seize this chance? Simply upload yourcomplete application documents (including your outline) to our career portal.