What are the defining characteristics of a family-run company? It is not just about the ownership situation. The responsibility regarding our employees, clients and partners is what really matters. The owners’ personality also reflects the public image of the company. The Sasse family and their name represent a high quality of service as well as a responsible, people-oriented leadership style. They set an example of closeness and mindfulness, which permeates to the entire company.

Just like in a real family, life and work at Sasse Group are shaped by typical traits. This is closely linked to how we are perceived, both professionally and emotionally. Both internally and externally we want to be seen as both “professional and innovative” and “respectable and consistent”. On the one hand, these traits express what we deliver to our clients in facilities management. On the other hand, they are a promise to our employees: Whoever feels like these traits apply to them is well suited to us.

Dr Christine Sasse, Clara Sasse, Dr Eberhard Sasse, Dr Laura Sasse, Katja Böhmer

Dr. Eberhard Sasse, Founder and Chairman of the Supervisory Board


Our company is fully owned by the Sasse Family. Thus we are free from external interests – free to work and grow sustainably. We consciously and flexibly adapt our facilities services to the wishes and demands of our clients and markets. We think and act in ways, which seem sensible and successful to us in the long term, without having to subject ourselves to external trends.

When it comes to the core values of Sasse Service Excellence, independence becomes a valuable resource. It provides us with the necessary space to manoeuvre and be agile as a company. It is up to us to test and improve our processes. Due to our long-standing experience, we are able to shape our structures individually and quickly adapt to site and industry specifications. As a learning organisation, we use technical progress to augment our experiences and innovation potential. This gives us the freedom to always keep the individual in the focus.


Even if facilities management sounds rather technical, we firmly believe that it is a business by people for people. We care for and preserve the value of facilities and properties, in which people have invested. We guarantee an orderly and well cared for environment, in which people go to work. We look after the cleanliness and security of installations, vehicles and tools, on which our customers depend on around the clock. For this, we rely on the skills and talents of each individual Sasse Group employee. In turn, all employees are encouraged and supported to enfold their potential.

This is why the dialogue with our clients is so important to us. Sasse Group employees are alert. They look beyond their immediate sphere of duty and develop ideas and suggestions for the client. Modern technology provides us with more time for client dialogue. This way, we can give impulses and trigger change.

Dr. Christine Sasse, Board of Directors Human Resources I Organisation


Where does Sasse Group stand in terms of digitalisation? Which future markets will play an important role in facilities management? How can a family owned company deal with the pressures of international competition? Three central, but not the only questions we ask ourselves almost daily. And very frequently the answer lies in the word “innovation”. At Sasse Group, however, we do not regard innovation as an end in itself. Instead, it is a matter of progress. Every time “something old” changes, we need “something new” to stay in the game. Examples range from training and development to the use of new technology and procedures, or joint projects with our clients.

Our understanding of innovation preserves the environment and respects the health of our employees. To this end, Sasse Group employs EU certified management systems, which are regularly renewed and audited.

Dr. Laura Sasse, Board of Directors Finance | Digital


Quick decision-making processes, a high level of competency, a close connection to the market and to our clients: these traits define a good service provider. Digitalisation provides us with the chance to enhance service transparency for our clients. Order processing management via Apps and real-time reporting increase the speed and precision of our work. An open-book policy increases engagement and trust between our partners and us. Especially in facilities management, with a broad scope of multi-layered tasks, digitalisation provides us with the necessary agility and power to change.

As a medium-sized and family-run company, transparency makes the difference between an “organisation” and a living organism. Transparency shows how a unified development can be achieved. It also points to new business models, and how those can be incorporated into our portfolio. The intensive, organic connectedness of user knowledge, innovation and responsibility strengthens our ability to perform. Sasse Service Excellence lives off this transparency of talent and ideas.

Founder and Chairman of the Supervisory Board … with his team (1976)


What matters most in facilities management is not that the work is done, but how it is done. Our experience in handling facilities and properties has progressed with each day of operations. Dr. Eberhard Sasse founded the company in 1976 with an emphasis on soft services. Since then, the knowledge and know-how of our company has grown immensely – with each new contract and every new employee. From the very beginning, Sasse Group has been defined by a continuous process of change, close market affinity, an emphasis on learning and development and the integration of new people and innovative ideas.

Through taking a holistic approach to our clients and their requirements, Sasse Group was able to progress from purely offering soft services to also providing hard services and support services. Today, the family-led company is a well-known and highly regarded provider of integrated facilities services. In 2020, Sasse Group employed around 6,500 employees.

Our Principle: