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Our certifications

At Sasse Group we take the social and ecological perspective seriously. These perspectives are the success factor for the strategic positioning of our company. Our integrated management system for quality, environment and occupational safety is a basic prerequisite for achieving our long-term corporate goals – even in times of constant change.

Sasse Group is certified according to:


We are pleased to present the latest CSR-report for Sasse Group.

In order to save paper, water and energy, we have made the deliberate choice of sharing this sustainability report with you digitally. We greatly appreciate you reading it on your screen and refraining from printing.

Read Sasse Group’s CSR-report 2020

Read Sasse Group’s CSR-report 2019

Gender Pay Reporting

Sasse Limited and Sasse Facilities Management Limited have conducted a gender pay report for 2019 in accordance with the UK Government’s regulations. Our formal gender pay gap reports are available here:

Anti Slavery & Human Trafficking Statement

Sasse Group and all its subsidiaries including Sasse Limited and Sasse Facilities Management Limited  are committed to prevent slavery and human trafficking from occurring in any of its corporate activities. We seek to ensure that all our supply chains are free from such practices.