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Soft Services

“The basics must be right.” From this point of view, we can summarise what soft services in facilities management are all about: we ensure that our clients’ properties don’t only make good first impression, but are in perfect condition throughout.

These are just a few examples from the many areas of infrastructural facilities management. From logistics to cleaning, security, renovation, outdoor facilities support to caretaker and concierge services. They illustrate that “management” in FM stands for active and comprehensive support for our customers. Because infrastructure is not simply “available”, but requires people who take care of it.

Our Services:

  • Cleaning
  • Winter services & green services
  • Refurbishment & surface refurbishment
  • Security
  • Logistics


Why Sasse Group can assist you

  • Because employees expect their workplace to be clean.
  • Because families rely on well looked-after playgrounds for their children.
  • Because well maintained parking garages also radiate safety.
  • Because even in snow and ice, the users of a site want to go about their daily tasks as normal.
  • Because regular and intensive building upkeep maintains infrastructural value.
  • Because the security of a company as well as the reliable delivery of mail, parcels and courier goods keeps a company’s value chain in motion.
  • Because meetings must not be interrupted due to double room bookings.

Sasse Group

Tailored services for your industry

What do facilities management and the IT management of a company have in common?

Both tasks require efficient networking of a variety of components and services. This saves resources, simplifies decisions and streamlines processes – with more effective overall results than in a heterogeneous landscape. This is where FM comes in, as Sasse Group understands it: smooth transitions at critical interfaces, careful coordination of cross-divisional tasks and sustainable improvement in service quality make our facilities management an all-round service for our customers. Customer needs are addressed in their entirety and quality is right down to the smallest detail.

Integrated facilities services substantially contribute to and add value for our customers. Sasse Group’s services fit seamlessly into the structures and processes of our customers. We know how to recognise, use and shape synergies.

In a dialogue based on partnership, we provide suggestions and impulses for further improvements.

We carry out support processes for you, so that you can make full use of their effect. Examples include higher employer attractiveness through inviting workplaces or a comprehensive investment protection for your properties and facilities.

Based on industry, location, structure and demand, our offer concentrates on three core forms of facilities management: