As a leading innovator in the FM industry, at Sasse we are always eager to explore and pioneer new technologies to improve the services we provide. Data is an integral tool to improve both service provision and efficiency; as we seek to further digitise our workflow and improve the ways in which we can both gather and use data, our new feedback devices have become an essential tool throughout our UK business operation.

Smart Time and Attendance devices have allowed us to streamline our analytics further in which we can also receive feedback. These devices have become the standard component of time registration for Sasse throughout our contracts, allowing operatives to use their personalised NFC key fob to register their attendance with ease. This innovation aids data transparency, particularly for payroll management. This also allows managers to view any non-attendance issues, become alert to any situations, and manage these situations proactively when they arise. In this regard, the solution allows for enhanced operative visibility, facilitating a smoother management experience.

It can also be used in conjunction with customer satisfaction devices to both improve cleaning standards and empower facility users. These devices have recently been mobilised into every public washroom at Sofia Airport, and also into many other contracts in the UK. Customer satisfaction devices allows for users to trigger simple touch-free feedback in which the cleaning standards of a room can be evaluated. After negative feedback has been triggered repeatedly, this data will be recorded and can trigger an alert to the management team, informing them of the time and area in which the alert was triggered. With this information, an operator can be dispatched promptly to address this customer feedback and restore the area to a high level of quality. This data allows us to monitor metrics such as contract performance and view the regularity in which an area will require cleaning. In monitoring these aspects, feedback devices allow for more efficient resource management and time allocation, therefore resulting in an efficient operation.

With the comprehensive and real-time data offered by the new integration of Sasse feedback devices, it allows management teams to identify and improve their service provision; facility disruption is reduced, efficiency is improved, and issues can be found and resolved more effectively than ever before. As digitisation within the FM industry becomes more prevalent, these devices offer a significant leap forward in data collection and performance management. As we look to the future, Sasse are eager to utilise technological leaps forward such as feedback data collection as the importance of on-demand service provision and data continue to grow.