Industry Dialogue 2023

Demographic change and labor shortage. Both were brought together at the Industry Dialogue 2023 at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Munich and Upper Bavaria. It was a valuable contribution in several ways: first, due to the current figures and facts available through the ifo Institute – Leibniz Institute for Economic Research. Secondly, due to the intense dialogue among participating businesswomen, businessmen, and executives. Looking beyond the confines of one’s own industry or location opens up access to practical know-how that can directly impact daily management practices.

As a #familybusiness, we feel particularly committed to both issues.

Because our work in #FacilityManagement is driven by the people who manage it. We are aware that the need for skilled workers, in light of demographic changes, will not be resolved but will tend to worsen. Numerous solutions were discussed: there was talk of more flexible transitions between employment and retirement to better utilize the experience and know-how of the older generation. Lifelong learning was extensively discussed, as it should enhance the adaptability of employees and executives to the continuously changing demands of the job market. Finally, #digitalization is expected to serve as a crucial enabler to optimize processes and relieve valuable human resources. Last but not least, immigration and the integration of skilled workers from abroad could counteract the #laborshortage.

The broad spectrum of contributions in the two panel discussions reflected how diverse the experiences and solutions are within such a heterogeneous community like the members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. From my perspective, in this array of ideas, one thought is indispensable: the employment of women in full-time positions still offers rich potential to create a long-term, sustainable perspective for both employers and employees. Especially for mothers who are raising children, access to full-time positions is still blocked in far too many cases, either because it’s incompatible with their family responsibilities or due to a lack of opportunities to delegate certain tasks to others. However, we need more women as employees – everywhere. Their qualifications, their willingness to perform, their talent. Companies can pave the way for this on many levels through their own efforts. But particularly in areas such as #childcare, support from both politics and society is necessary to establish a reliable infrastructure and create a wide range of offerings upon which women can build and develop their position in the workforce.”

Dr. Laura Sasse