Industry Dialogue 2023

Demographic change and labor shortage at the Industry Dialogue 2023


We are working on getting FM out of a mental corner.

Mustafa Katbi has arrived well

He comes from a family business: Electrical Engineering in Aleppo, Syria. There, at the age of 11, he discovered his enthusiasm for everything in which electricity works. At the age of 18, he started his own business and combined his profession…

Women change FM

Women bring technology and people's business together!

Podcast “Everything new…?”

"You don't keep your private life outside - that's part of it" Listen to the podcast here...

Sasse launches new image film

A family business is more than a workplace.

From a vision to a company, part 4

Grow, shape, change of our own accord

From a vision to a company, part 3

First steps across the border

From a vision to a company, part 2

What counts, is the team.

From a vision to a company, part 1

In the beginning, there was a wish.