FM needs processes and people as doers

How are economic change and EU taxonomy changing what clients want and need from FM?

What are the talents and skills of the people working to take FM services to the next level?

How dynamic and far-sighted must relationships and contracts in the sector be in order to cope with the visible changes?

Trade and business media, market participants and consultants with FM expertise met in mid-September for a lively exchange of ideas on these topics under the heading “FM needs processes & people as doers”. In a total of three workshops, characterised by open discussions and innovative approaches, they discussed approaches to solutions and made critical milestones visible. The central insight of the dense meeting was the need for fundamental and pronounced trust: Contractors need to recognise in which goals and tasks they can best bring their service and how they can credibly and reliably communicate the costs of doing so.

The “Open Book” is a good practice for this.

Among other things, the conference participants are convinced that this requires the greatest possible transparency in the provision of services and in the communication of services. Clients, on the other hand, could benefit from the idea of no longer tendering individual trades, but rather specifying their desired overall effect and the budget available for it. Among other things, this would allow flexible adjustments in the ongoing business process, for example in the weighting of tasks or the introduction of innovative processes and technologies.

Another focus of the discussions was dedicated to the topic of ESG.

In this context, the board members of the family-owned company emphasised the importance of digitalisation for the energy efficiency of buildings. The targeted climate protection goals could only be achieved if the operating processes of existing buildings and their technical systems were also optimised. It is precisely from integrated FM that comprehensive services and data can be developed that provide companies involved with this emphatic and sustainable support. Sasse Group has both the appropriate processes in place and the right people on board. With SasTec, a new, comprehensive service is available that makes a substantial contribution to supporting customers in achieving their climate goals with the appropriate energy efficiency solutions. From data collection and analysis to consulting and implementation – all from a single source.