The Happiness Index

Alongside The Hive to improve our employee and customer engagement, we have started trialling “The Happiness Index” at one of our new mobility contracts. Our trial is focused on the customer engagement side of the platform with the hopes to expand to our employees to increase engagement and job satisfaction.

Ranking of services via QR code

“The Happiness Index” is a unique real-time employee / customer engagement tool which collects and analyses feedback, it is completely data driven so that the business can take a more proactive approach based on facts and results rather than just “feelings” about what is happening on the shop floor. We have taken the simple approach to start with; we are asking our customer to rank our services 1-10 for cleanliness. If wanted the customer can leave a comment but there is no obligation. It is a simple QR code on the back of all our operative’s high vis vests. This makes it easy to use for both our direct customers but also our mobility clients own customers (the ultimate user of the service). Simply scan and click and the feedback can be given. What is interesting is the possibility to expand the service to our employees – we can get simple feedback about how they are engaged at work and or how they feel things can improve. This helps the business ensure our vision, values and company ethos is aligned with the employees direct work experience. By being able to analyse how our customers or their end users are satisfied with the service and or how our employees are doing at work we can better tailor our services and be more pro-active in approach to innovations and service model.