Berlin’s tube runs on the digital track

After successfully winning a new tender, Sasse Group is now responsible for cleaning more Berlin underground stations than ever before – 145 stops which means 83 per cent! Part of the route network is the “Chancellor Line”, a prestige project that has just gone into operation. The U55 between Brandenburger Tor and Alexanderplatz, which used to run as an isolated solution, has recently been connected to the U5, giving the city’s political centre a link to the overall network.

Sasse Service App gives transparency of work

In the next three months, the experts of Sasse Group will comprehensively digitally equip the respective stations. This will allow us to use the Sasse Service App there: employees will be able to call up the complete list of services, work through checklists and confirm order completion via tablet or smartphone at the service trolley.

“This gives our customer complete transparency of all work, and at the same time we gain valuable data for task management and CRM,” confirms Dr Laura Sasse, Chief Digital Officer. “This means cost savings and increased efficiency at the same time.”