We think Green Energy

Sasse branches are now supplied with Green Energy

All branches of Sasse Group in Germany have now switched to green electricity. “The effort involved in researching and changing contracts was worth it,” emphasises Laura Sasse, who is responsible for CSR on the Management Board. “Every kilowatt hour we consume now consists of energy produced from renewable sources.” The switch is based on the conviction that sustainability in the company thrives on many small steps that reinforce each other.

“We have been working for years to keep reducing our company’s electricity consumption,” says Laura Sasse. “To do this, we use technical progress on the one hand, and organisational measures on the other. By now meeting the indispensable demand with green electricity, we are making a holistic contribution to climate protection.” Whereby with this step the task is not yet finished. “We continue to look for ways to further reduce consumption,” the executive emphasises. “As in FM for our customers, we continuously analyse the data from operations for this purpose. They reliably provide indications for further potential for improvement.”