Rex Lionsbot

Cleaning robot in the test: After “Franzi” now “Rex” under the microscope

“Franzi” has got a big brother: With “Rex”, Sasse Group is moving to the next level in the use of cleaning robots. “As with last year’s premiere with Franzi, the practical testing of Lionsbot’s next product generation now also shows a new step in quality,” says Dr. Laura Sasse, Member of the Board, commenting on the first tests.

The Lionsbot was already tested in the aviation sector in the UK last December and convinced Managing Director Benny Wunderlich in terms of water consumption, amongst other things. “Not only that it allows long, uninterrupted operation thanks to the large tank volume of 140 litres of fresh and process water. The robot is extremely economical with it – without skimping on quality.” “This benefits our own environmental balance sheet just as much as that of our clients,” Laura Sasse adds. “We expect to use such cleaning robots on a larger scale for large areas in the future. In UK, robots are fully integrated into our cleaning operations.”

Other performance values of the “King of Clean,” as the manufacturer calls it, also speak in favor of its use for extended routine tasks. Whereby these possibilities in automatic cleaning operation are not the decisive criterion at Sasse. “In such tests, we not only test the technical functionality of digital tools, but also check that they meet our quality standards,” says Dr. Laura Sasse. This also applies to robots, which perform their duties under the supervision and guidance of skilled workers – but which are thus able to use their own energy to a greater extent where human skill is required.