There has alwys been a ‘new normal’

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the “new normal”. But are we actually sure what the “old normal” was? This question is asked in light of a range of developments that until recently – leaving coronavirus out of the equation – were barely on our radar. For example, we are convinced that hygiene measures will play a greater role in future and be a visible part of daily life. But were they not in the past? A large part of our work revolves around ensuring that our client’s employees enjoy “wellbeing” in the workplace. Exactly as we intend for our teams at Sasse. This type of service promise is unthinkable without reliable hygiene. So this is “normal”. What’s new is all the innovative ideas we use to bring additional quality into the mix.

We are not satisfied with what we know and can do already; we want to improve ourselves with further education and training. This isn’t new either. But using digital channels to do this and enhancing our onsite training with videos and tutorials that can be viewed at any time to refresh our knowledge – this is new, especially the extent to which we do so today. And we intend to expand this further to make more room for all the opportunities that digitalisation brings. We no longer simply work through contract specifications with our blinkers on but think further for our customers and deliver new ideas as an addition to our services. This is not normal but real “Sasse Service Excellence”. And we never allow ourselves to be satisfied with that but always go one step further – this is what matters if we are to retain our customers’ appreciation for our services. Isn’t it possible that what we consider “new” is already well-known to our customers? This is why we need idea after idea. That should be “normal” for us. It’s clear to me that our task is not an easy one. But haven’t we always been known for and proud that we do not make work easy for ourselves? This is the way it should be. Anyone can do “easy” but only we can do “Sasse”.