Forest as a key role

Work in the Sasse forest sharpens eye for sustainability

“Ultimately, our day in the forest was a day filled with very special facility management. No matter how wild the forest looks: Everything follows an order, one thing depends on another, even small things always need attention. I’m taking away some ideas from here about how lived sustainability can be designed in other places as well.” It was statements like these that speak for the success of a campaign in which executives from our company took care of the Sasse Forest. 1,000 new trees were planted and 100 existing trees were cared for: The 16-strong team had every right to be proud of that. The forest plays a key role in Sasse Group’s CSR program. For example, by offsetting 45,000 tons of carbon dioxide generated by the company’s work each year. “Yes, we are aware that our work cannot be climate neutral by itself. We consume raw materials, we consume energy,” said one comment during the volunteer forestry work. “But when I see the power that’s in a forest like this, and how the trees are helping us to reduce our ecological footprint – I’m very pleased that today I was able to contribute to making that happen in the future.” But the forest, which is a “plenter forest” with a mix of tree species and diversity in growth and development, is also having an impact on the mindsets of the executives when it comes to sustainable action: “This was something very different from a typical team-building activity,” one of the participants noted. “We actively worked to mitigate the impact of our work on the climate. It doesn’t just make you feel good. In the future, I’ll always think of planting the young trees and caring for the old giant trees when I think of what sustainability really means.”