CSR-report 2021

Sustainability in action!

CSR is not a new topic for us, because we have been dealing with it since our foundation – as a family business, we think in generations, not just in quarters! Today we are proud to present our CSR Report 2021. In parallel with the report, we have issued our first declaration on the German Sustainability Code (DNK declaration). In it, we report in detail on our sustainability performance along the 20 DNK criteria and GRI standards. This year, we are focusing on our strategic alignment and our understanding of corporate sustainability. The basis for professional reporting is the strategic anchoring of sustainability targets and criteria. We would like to provide information on the progress of our strategy process. This process is not yet complete, nor will it ever be. We can and must continuously improve in all areas. However, we are convinced that we can do so and that much progress has already been made.