Sasse and sports – a strong team

Sport and facilities management have more in common than it might seem at first glance. But doesn’t every athlete, whether professional or amateur, have to ensure at all times that his or her body and (movement) processes are optimally tuned? Isn’t it all about achieving performance goals in both cases? Aren’t team spirit, passion and motivation required here as well as there? For Sasse Group, sport therefore plays an important role on several levels. It serves each and every one of us as a balance from work. It promotes fitness and health. And it connects our company with life in society – by actively promoting sportswomen, sportsmen and sports activities.

The example of Emma Ansorge clearly shows that this also has an effect under adverse circumstances such as the restrictions caused by the pandemic. As sponsor of the young tennis player, Sasse is not only present as an advertising imprint on her sportswear. We see our commitment as accompanying a young sportswoman who embodies in her sport the values that we also value: Determination, perseverance, competitiveness and flexible reaction to surprising actions. Her 2020 record is one to be proud of. Despite difficult circumstances, Emma has developed very well in the past year. Not only physically, performance-wise and personality-wise, but also results-wise.

This year, she won her first prize money in the adult women’s category by winning the side rounds of two well-staffed tournaments. Emma is also the state champion in the federal state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and the best female tennis player in this state. As a result, she has moved up 71 places in the German women’s rankings (top 500 women in Germany) and is currently in position 345. The goal for the coming season (2021) is to continue the positive development and to be ranked among the top 200 women in Germany by 31 December 2021.

Commitment with a broad impact

In line with our understanding of CSR as “engagement with a broad impact”, we also support a whole range of smaller, regional sports groups. In their own way, they make an important contribution to social cohesion. For example, as part of our commitment to the local community, Sasse UK sponsors Bristol’s Longwell Green Football Team, which includes players under the age of 16. In Germany, for example, our partners include the “Holzhacker” (German for wood chopper) footballers in Feldmoching, who play in the “Royal Bavarian Liga”, a recreational league.

Not to forget the Sasse Runners, who had to take a forced break as teams in 2020. Nevertheless, the runners have done everything they can to secure their form so that they can go straight back to the start when running events are possible again. In the past, their performances have always been associated not only with results but also with contributions to a good cause – and that is how it should be again in the future.