Lived responsibility saves family

An employee of our company is standing with his family at the airport in Kabul and cannot get out after the coup. What gets through is the call for help to his project manager here in Germany. It doesn’t get stuck there, but – as it is in a family – immediately triggers something. Contacts acquired and cultivated over the years are activated, communication channels are used, practical solutions are worked out. The result is a successful evacuation.

More important than the countable result is the attitude behind it.   

We know this from sport, we know it from art, we know it from politics: a lot can be written on paper, but reality is often on a different page. It is one of the most gratifying moments for a manager when both come together and become true. As a family business, we are driven by the confidence that the human side of our work is what makes us cohesive.

Actively support where people are in trouble that is ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ as it should be. We are extremely proud that this responsibility is lived so credibly in our company.