With four starts into the fourth quarter

Sasse Group is starting the fourth quarter of this year with four new contract launches.

The tasks include caretaker services for Mainova AG in Frankfurt am Main. The company is one of the largest regional energy providers in Germany and supplies around one million people in Hessen and the neighbouring federal states with electricity, natural gas, heat and drinking water. In addition, we are taking over the facilities management for a logistics location of the real estate specialist Aurelis in Berlin, as well as services for a residential and commercial complex in Munich for Deutsche Wohnen, also a leading company in the real estate sector.

The fourth outstanding project is technical and integrated FM services for Deutsche Bahn’s ICE plant in Munich. “The new contract for the ICE plant is a very good example of how comprehensive the services of the Dr. Sasse Group are. On site, we provide a whole range of technical services, from measuring and test stands in the maintenance halls area to maintenance of the lifting platforms and crane systems,” says COO Katja Böhmer.