The Gift of Giving

We are able to give back. So we do.

It’s often only a small thing that makes the difference between someone seeing land and someone no longer having a foothold. If we look closely, we know this all too well from our own lives. And we also know that we are among those who see land – even in an extremely arduous year like 2020. Despite all the limitations and all the burdens we have shouldered, we therefore continue to support those who are less fortunate than us this year. Those who need support so that they don’t lose their footing.

For years, Sasse Group has been particularly close to two charity organisations. One is close to our company headquarters, in Munich. The Lichtblick Kinder- und Jugendhilfe foundation – also known as “Lichtblick Hasenbergl” – works hard to ensure that children, young people, and families have a chance to lead a self-determined and independent life. It invests in initiatives and projects that close gaps or address urgent needs – with the aim of developing cooperative, effective projects that are financially independent projects in the long run. We place so much emphasis on team spirit in our company: Likewise, we also want to promote this team spirit and sense of community in our (urban) society.

Providing support – even in a difficult year

Neighbourhood and community are also at the centre of our second engagement. Newmilns is the closest town to Sasse Academy. The Newmilns Regeneration Association was set up by local volunteers with the mission to preserve local history, heritage and traditions and promote regeneration in the town. The community has lost much of its original economic power and has become a commuter community, mainly for Glasgow. However, its residents want to retain independence and enhance the quality of life in their place of residence. In doing so, it strives to offer present and coming generations a new perspective. Community organisations and residents have formed a strong team that deserves our support.

To be good partners, to perceive the needs of others, to be a reliable team player, to take responsibility: these values lie at the very heart of Sasse Group. They are values that we also want to uphold towards our environment and our fellow human beings. That is why we stand by those who need our support, even in a difficult year. And isn’t it the “gift of giving”, the possibility of being able to give something, that also makes us a bit happier ourselves? Happy holidays to all!