Maintenance with foresight pays off

To detect faults or damage long before they occur: This is the idea behind predictive maintenance, as the technical term is known. Behind this is the recognition that it usually takes a lot of time and effort to eliminate them. From the point of view of the operator or owner, even more critical are the associated unproductive downtimes in shutdown mode.

For modern facilities management, as we apply it at Sasse Group, foresighted maintenance is therefore part of the standard of our offer. Thanks to many years of experience in the most diverse properties and with the most diverse facilities, we have a large store of knowledge of regulatory values to which we orient ourselves: After how many operating hours does a blind motor show its first weaknesses? When is the time to replace a soap dispenser? In which cycle do certain valves in the motor of an air conditioning system tend to become loose?

Supposedly small things that can have serious consequences for the operational and service quality of our customers – especially dissatisfied users, both among customers and among our own employees. In this way, both parties get their wish fulfilled that everything always runs reliably in the building used. They feel comfortable and safe there, acceptance increases. This applies equally to machines, plants or vehicles whose facilities management is in the hands of Sasse Group.

If our precise knowledge of early maintenance dates is taken as a basis, the respective component or equipment element can be replaced ahead of time – planned and stress-free – and the installation or room in question can be brought back into shape. This not only increases operational reliability, it also extends the service life, because carefully maintained and serviced objects wear out less quickly.

Digitisation has brought Sasse Group a considerable step forward on this path. With its tools, the existing data can be evaluated even more accurately and in more detail. The provision to the responsible teams as well as the reporting to the customers also gains in speed and precision. Facilities management thus becomes even more of an active action in the interest of our customers.