Sustainability is in our DNA

Corporate Social Responsibility is fundamentally linked to our self-image. We did not add it when we were asked about it. This is not a new topic for us, because we have been dealing with it since our foundation – as a family business we think in generations, not in business quartals. 

The changes in technology, the economy and society that lie ahead of us will entail a new way of dealing with the people and facilities entrusted to us. Mutual responsibility for one another will play a key role in this process. With “Sasse Service Excellence” we have already created the basis for people-centered and dialog-oriented cooperation some time ago. To be “social” means for everyone at Sasse to be aware of their counterpart, to listen, to think along and to find solutions together.

Every day of the year, at every location and with every order of our company, social responsibility is a principle that is lived out in practice. We don’t just look at numbers and letters, but rather at a holistic understanding of what matters to our clients, their stakeholders and employees, their environment and ourselves: that we can take responsibility for what we do and stand up for it. 

That is why we are reducing our own footprint in the Earth’s ecosystem and helping our customers to achieve the same. We contribute to the prosperity and development of the places and countries where we operate – especially by providing jobs and paying taxes. 

Responsibility and social components belong to us

To bear responsibility and give social components a leading function: This has been part of Sasse Group since the very beginning of its existence. Several generations of employees have developed along this idea and have made it the guideline for their cooperation with each other and in dealing with customers. 

Today, the principle is so deeply rooted in the management and team culture of our company that it has become indispensable for our joint success. For specialists, from young professionals to property managers, lively CSR provides a reliable basis for them to confidently contribute their competence and talent – and to go the extra mile, which is sometimes necessary, in the spirit of collegiality and customer friendliness.