New contract with Red Kite Community Housing

Sasse Group has been awarded a contract with Red Kite Community Housing over the next three years to provide cleaning and support services in excess of 100 schemes throughout Buckinghamshire. Taking award and mobilisation of the contract at the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak in the UK throughout March and April was a test of the company’s resilience and ability to cope in challenging times.

Under the agreement, we will provide a range of services including daily and periodic cleaning, graffiti removal, waste management and washroom hygiene services. Since the outbreak of Covid-19, we have taken the challenge in its stride, providing multiple disinfection cleans to vulnerable schemes every week. The additional services include electrostatic spraying, an uplift in cleaning hours offering enhanced cleaning, and the disinfection of outdoor and public spaces.  Bin stores and other areas of hygiene risk have been sterilised and deep cleaned to help minimise the risk of contamination or cross infection.

We have worked closely with our chemical manufacturers and partners to provide a service solution which ensures cleaning, sterilisation, disinfection and protection as part of the enhanced cleaning support. To clean is no longer good enough, and it is essential to ensure that surfaces are clean, free from bacteria and fatty soils which viruses can feed from. The clever technology offers a protective barrier to the surfaces which can provide resilience and antimicrobial protection for up to 28 days.

Other challenges include the lack of power & water facilities in many of the communal areas of work. Using innovation from Numatic to provide their battery powered technology, we employ the use of our commercial battery vacuums – the NVB240s. The machines boast a one hour running time whilst providing effective suction for operator use, even on its low powered setting. Making the most out of the duel battery allows for round-the-clock productivity, as operators can continue to work while batteries are recharged. By making the switch to cordless vacuums, we further reduce the risk of trip hazards as no trailing cables lay on carpeted flooring during cleaning.

As lockdown begins to ease, we will install a bespoke piece of software which will track time and attendance, daily task management, job tickets and auditing. This powerful app works in combination with NFC sticker technology; delivering information to the fingertips of our workforce, ensuring that regardless of the operative, the tasks are understood and reported back to Head office, along with our Client, in real time.

Tim Colenutt, Head of Business Development for Sasse UK said: “The last quarter has been an incredibly challenging time for many, both financially and mentally. I feel incredibly honoured to be part of a team who has gone above and beyond to support their customers and the public during the pandemic. The cleaning Operatives for our contract at Red Kite have worked hard as a collaborative team in good spirits providing service with a smile. Cleaning as we have previously known ‘cleaning’ will no longer be good enough for many of our clients; the industry must adapt, change, and get creative with the service it provides making the most of innovation, technology, and digitalisation.’