Disinfection service for bus drivers

1,600 Metroline buses are on the road in London, cleaned and made ready to run every day by Sasse UK. In the train of pandemic preparedness, the operator has now commissioned us to provide disinfection facilities to protect its drivers and passengers. “To allow flexible use in the vehicle on the one hand and to prevent theft on the other, we attached the spray bottles to a bungee rope”, reports Benny Wunderlich, Managing Director at Sasse UK. This allows bus drivers to disinfect their workplace before the operational deployment. The spray is sprayed onto the points of contact such as steering wheels, the armrest and other points of contact before being wiped off to remove excess solution.

“The product is applied in the respective driver’s cab, so that the driver can disinfect and clean himself at any time while on the road, if necessary, before we take over these services again in the depot”. A total of 2,000 units of this product have been ordered and are now being installed. These are specially manufactured bottles with a volume of 500 ml, filled with Sasse disinfectant, an exclusive 2:1 solution of disinfectant and cleaning agent, which can be refilled at the customer’s premises from larger containers at any time.

Sasse has worked closely with an established chemical engineering company to produce a product that features advanced cleaning, disinfection and protection technologies, leaving an antibacterial protection on the surfaces it comes in contact with.

The solution can be used in a variety of environments including workstations, offices, washrooms, vehicles, railways and aircraft. The bottles can be refilled from stock solution and provide a safe long-term solution for regular cleaning, disinfection and protection of high contact surfaces.