Our contribution to a safe departure

Airports and airlines were able to give their passengers good news before the summer holidays. After all, they have introduced many measures to protect the health of passengers and at the same time inform them about them. Of course, the obligation to wear a mouth and nose protector and the markings in the check-in areas to ensure that the minimum distance of 1.5 metres is maintained.

The Sasse hygiene teams in their easily recognizable work clothes make another important contribution to the hygienic safety of the airports we serve in Germany and the UK. Munich Airport, for example, twittered: “Cleaning intervals have been increased in all areas of the airport where passengers are present. Surfaces are regularly disinfected, as are baggage carts at the baggage claim area.” The same applies to the newly erected tents in which returnees from risk areas are tested for infection with Covid-19.

How our employees make an important contribution to travellers' safety during the holiday season.

In addition to reorganising and carrying out hygiene services, we also test innovative processes for reducing corona viruses on contact surfaces and in the air in consultation with our clients and reliably implement these processes. Spray nebulization of disinfectants, UV C rays and copper coatings are building blocks of individual hygiene concepts for our customers in all industries. Because our motto for the future is: cleaning-disinfecting- protecting and informing.