Further education digitally thought

Vocational training and talent development has always played a major role in our company – regardless of whether it involves tangible professional qualifications or soft skills, which are so important in today’s constantly changing and dynamic working world. In order to provide our employees with practical skills, we offer a wide range of programs, seminars and workshops in our Sasse Academy, so that they are optimally equipped to meet the daily challenges of their work.

Our Academy Centre in Scotland is also an important component of this. Here we take advantage of the opportunity to hold seminars and workshops lasting several days so that all participants can concentrate fully on their learning experience without distraction from professional responsibilities. The travel and contact restrictions caused by the corona virus have made face-to-face events impossible over the past weeks and months.

In order to further promote the professional development of our employees despite or precisely because of the challenging situation, we are expanding our digital academy with learning videos and online webinars on a wide range of topics – whether it be video tutorials with specialist content or live training on new IT systems. In this way, training can take place independently of time and place and can be used by our employees in a very flexible way.

We are convinced that learning must also be rethought in the professional environment. Starting with the transfer of knowledge about digital tools, which lead to more efficient services at our customers, especially in facilities management, to digital leadership, so that all those responsible can optimally fulfil their management tasks in today’s working world – also to lead their team in unforeseen situations such as a pandemic by working from home for several weeks or new challenges in our customers’ properties on site.

If we support our employees in these areas even when seminars cannot be held on site, this will provide the basis for a strong and successful joint effort to get through difficult times – for our customers, our managers and especially for our specialists, who give their best every day.