Sasse 4.0 goes mobility

Digitisation – the lockdown has made it clear to us – is not a development that one can or cannot participate in. For us, digitisation means the chance to optimise business processes and working environments and to work together more efficiently. It allows us to make our employees’ workplaces more flexible, to promote teamwork and performance – so our customers also benefit. Digital tools ensure smooth communication within our company, but also in our daily dealings with our customers, so that we can fulfil our promise of Sasse Service Excellence. This also includes shortening reaction times and making processes transparent.

Digitisation is particularly important in the dynamic field of mobility. Our range of digital tools enables our customers to order services on demand, e.g. using AI and sensor technology. Task management also runs digitally, via ticket system and status updates. Our employees call up their tasks in real time and document and report back the same way – because communication is not a one-way street, even digitally. In this way, both our teams and our customers maintain an overview of the status of completion and services rendered.

This enables us to filter out important information for our quality management quickly and efficiently. Work results can be provided with pictures and comments and thus saved. Complaints are also processed much more quickly. Problems are quickly identified and promptly dealt with in training courses. This makes the work of our employees safer: Health and Safety is another focus of our digital service, which enables us to monitor incidents and accidents and prevent them in future.

In this way, we use digitalisation in facility management as an effective tool that we are constantly developing and expanding: for the satisfaction of our customers and safe and optimal working conditions for our employees.