Launching our new product line “Sasse Control”

A disinfection and cleaning product in one, Sasse Control is an own-brand product that Sasse UK is now using for jobs with a suitable requirement profile. It is an integrated component of the company’s “Sasse 4-level Hygiene Concept” for cleaning, disinfection, protection and the certification of services. “We believe that a standard cleaning concept is no longer acceptable these days, and won’t be in the future,” explains Benny Wunderlich, responsible for Sasse UK. “Our newly developed hygiene concept with Thames Valley Police represents the start of transition to this new concept.

The “Sasse Control” product is currently proving its worth, especially in the hygiene measures to prevent covid infections as it is effective against all enveloped and naked viruses, including coronavirus. It destroys viral and bacterial cells even 28 days after its application. A test was carried out on a sample of the hospital bug MRSA that confirmed the effectiveness for this period. “Sasse Control” gets its efficiency and resistance from an antimicrobial protection film that remains on the surface after it has been applied using an electrostatic atomiser.

The Sasse Control product range is designed in such a way that each product can be used with every other to enhance the various phases of cleaning processes or increase their effectiveness. “Sasse Control is used by our technical cleaning teams for washing walls, floors and sensitive touch points,” says Wunderlich. These include handles, switches, taps, doors, seats and cafeteria tables, where regular cleaning must also continually renew the disinfection protection.

“Many of our customers are also choosing to install hygiene stations for their employees. Sasse Hand Sanitiser is used here, which is available both as an alcohol-based and an alcohol-free hand sanitiser,” says Wunderlich. The product range also includes “Ready to Use Sasse Control” wipes and a single-use product for wiping surfaces. Employees, guests and the public can make use of wipes or sprays at the hygiene stations so that they feel safer. “At Sasse UK, Sasse Control is the new standard all-in-one cleaner,” says Wunderlich. “It has the added benefit of providing disinfecting and antimicrobial protection for all surfaces and contributes to a cleaner and safer environment throughout the whole client company.”