Bringing ideas for more environmental protection “into the conversation”

In terms of day-to-day cleaning, sustainability primarily means communication. It is important to increase the awareness of colleagues so that everyone works together on this issue.

“I believe that if we share and discuss more ideas together, a lot more is possible in terms of what we can change to benefit the environment,” said Operations Manager Jasmine Wasserle in an interview carried out by one of our well-known clients for a series in their internal magazine “Hidden Heroes of our Schwabing Campus”. The question was, “If you could do something in your operational field, what would your team need to do to further reduce our ecological footprint on the campus?”

In her response, Jasmin Wasserle mentioned several pertinent examples, such as changing to large containers made of recycled material for the surface cleaning chemical and using dosing systems. These would significantly reduce plastic waste and transportation routes. However, it is particularly important to her that every idea to improve environmental protection is discussed openly. “This applies just as much in our team as in conversations with our clients. Even if initially it seems like it probably won’t be worth it, the conversation can often lead to changes that really show an effect.”

When several people discuss an idea, the accumulated knowledge can really uncover new potential. So her quoted sentence is self-explanatory – and so are the consequences: “When someone makes a start on critically appraising procedures or the use of materials, then new ideas regularly come to mind for how things could be done better.”