Dr. Laura Sasse elected to the plenum

of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Munich and Upper Bavaria (IHK)

She appeared on the ballot paper for the first time – and won her way to “parliament” in one hit: Dr. Laura Sasse is now an elected member of the plenum of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Munich and Upper Bavaria. She does not hold political office, although this representation of companies does come about through a democratic vote. Representing a broad cross section of local companies, the Chamber plays an important social and economic role in the state government of Munich and Upper Bavaria.

“For me it is a matter of course to take responsibility for the entire landscape around our company,” explains the future Board Director of the Sasse Group. “I have looked extensively into opportunities to do this and I feel that engaging in managing the economy with the Chamber is a particularly long-lasting step.” Considering that the IHK campaigns for a high-quality situation and room for manoeuvre for the economy, it is right to be active there voluntarily. “It is this give and take that benefits everyone.”

This is also reflected in the issues with which she will particularly engage. “We need affordable housing, if only so we can find and retain specialist staff. Political dictation is no good for this. It has to be built,” she says, emphasising her economy-oriented approaches in housing policy. She continues: “Just as valuable is a futureproof infrastructure – both for our mobility and also in the digital world. Otherwise we are missing the boat in terms of the digital technologies that are crucial for competitiveness, such as artificial intelligence. In this way, we safeguard our powers of innovation and retain economic manoeuvrability for companies.”

When Laura Sasse contemplates digitalisation as CDO of the Sasse Group, she has in view the broad range of issues handled by the Chamber, where she sets important incentives for policy and administration. “Climate protection and wellbeing are not polar opposites. They go hand in hand,” she says, speaking from her heart. She wants strong incentives for sustainability in Upper Bavaria, above all for young women who give their inner entrepreneur more room for manoeuvre. “If we take the younger generation’s impatience and readiness for change as a regenerative force for transformation and past experiences as a foundation, what do we have to fear?”