Magna relies on Sasse quality at its headquarters

Since the beginning of the year, Jennifer Schleicher and her team have had an exciting task: they are in charge of Magna’s new headquarters in Munich. The company has consolidated several areas there in a new building on 40,000 square metres. Janitorial services, maintenance cleaning, reception and security have been entrusted to Sasse Group.

Magna is a globally respected partner in the automotive industry – and the only supplier that builds complete vehicles itself. “The company sees itself as a pioneer of a new technical revolution in the automotive industry and a trailblazer in all areas of future mobility with a focus on electrification and fully automated driving,” reports Jennifer Schleicher. “It is motivating to perceive this development at close quarters and to contribute to its success through our service.”

Incidentally, the encounters with Magna do not only take place in the company buildings themselves: Products from the global corporation can be found in most of the vehicles rolling on our roads today. They come from 344 production plants and 93 product development, engineering and sales centres in 27 countries. “Magna itself prides itself on delivering superior value to its customers through innovative processes and world-class manufacturing,” says Jennifer Schleicher. “This understanding of performance quality connects this customer directly to Sasse Group’s stance as a value-added partner to its customers.