We’ll polish the handcuffs!

For crime lovers, the cases of Inspector Morse are literary gems. When the slightly eccentric criminal investigator solves his cases in and around Oxford, the excitement is in the detail. Both the books and the TV series featuring the “Thames Valley Police Department” (TVP) have their fans – and some of these work for Sasse UK. On 4 May 2021, Sasse took on a large new hygiene contract and is now responsible for maintaining the entire building portfolio and its hygiene, covering 63 sites including headquarters, control centres and sophisticated training sites.

This important UK contract with one of the largest police forces outside London will see Sasse providing a complete Facilities Services solution for soft services. As part of the agreement, Sasse will provide daily and periodic cleaning, hygiene, washroom, clinic, laundry, mat and decontamination services. “When required, we will even polish the handcuffs,” says Benny Wunderlich, Managing Director for Sasse UK.

The soft services contract comprises the internal ‘Sasse 4-Level Hygiene Concept”, which includes hygienic cleaning, disinfection, and protection as well as the certification of our services. “From our point of view, a standard cleaning concept is no longer acceptable these days,” explains Wunderlich. “Our hygiene concept with Thames Valley Police represents the start of a transition where we will offer round-the-clock mobile cleaning staff and monitoring to provide an on-demand cleaning service in a dynamic environment.”

Sasse Control is the new standard product here for the day-to-day cleaning teams. “It helps with cleaning and disinfection and offers lasting antimicrobial protection for the surfaces onto which it is applied,” says Dean Whytock, Contract Manager at Sasse UK. At the same time, we are installing the latest version of the Sasse Service App – tailored mobile management software – which enables time tracking, daily task management, job tickets and audits.

The next steps are already in sight: the technical services team are starting to improve standards with ultra-modern window cleaning systems for internal and external cleaning. Another team will handle the cleaning of carpeted floors, freeing them from years of residue. A readiness team will be responsible for reacting to immediate calls for assistance with the decontamination of vehicles, buildings, and sensitive sites. Benny Wunderlich says, “We are proud to be working for one of the largest police forces in the UK. We will play a significant role in improving hygiene standards across the board, giving police offices and support staff confidence that their health and wellbeing is being looked after. We are excited about our future partnership.”