Everyone talks about winter, we clear it away

It’s like hare and hedgehog: when the snow comes, Sasse Winter Service is already there. For customers like Deutsche Bahn, it is essential that their passengers can reach or leave their train safely and comfortably – even if the platform is outdoors. That’s why our teams are always ready in the cold season to clear away the “heavenly surprises” that winter brings. If necessary, several times a day, they face the challenges of wind and weather with their equipment.

When the weather turns capricious, it is also important to prevent possible risks in the duty rosters. In addition to the normal procedures, flexible elements must also be built in, because the snow does not fall according to a timetable, but when it wants to. Sometimes even the way to work becomes a challenge. Poor visibility at night and in precipitation, difficult road conditions, delays in the suburban railway – the journey already offers a foretaste of the circumstances under which the work must be done afterwards. This makes the performance of the colleagues in the properties entrusted to them all the more impressive.

In the case of large objects such as railway stations or airports, it is important to recruit sufficient personnel in good time, as well as to provide the necessary machines and ensure their functionality. The fleet of vehicles that Parolex uses for winter services at Munich Airport, for example, is enormous: 15 large tractors are used to clear the apron, plus three small clearing vehicles for the construction sites and finger positions or a hand clearer and a sprayer squad to de-ice the passenger boarding bridges. Another 21 vehicles are needed to clear snow from feeder roads, car parks, bus stops or footpaths on the publicly accessible airport area. So that employees, partners and travellers can tell: “When we arrived, the winter had already been cleared away.”