The Warwickshire Police contract is a newly awarded contract to Sasse Facilities Management Limited in the UK which commenced on the 1st of April 2023. The contract is a consolidation of two separate contracts which sees us become the sole cleaning contractor for Warwickshire Police throughout its portfolio, and in addition the two justice centres (UK Magistrates Courts) in Nuneaton & Royal Leamington Spa.

The current scope of service includes daily cleaning, window cleaning and carpet cleaning which is provided under the contract twice per year. As part of mobilisation we have also introduce the latest technology in terms of robotics. Since the recent launch of automated vacuum technology Sasse will be the first UK company to have purchased and introduced the Lionsbot R3 Vacuum at Leamington Spa. The automated machine will be responsible for volume carpet vacuuming each day, allowing the team to be repurposed into more valuable tasks such as touch-point cleaning and attention to detail works. In the 999 contact centre we have opted to introduce the smaller iTeam robotic 1700 carpet vacuums. The small devices are ultra quiet and allow them to work 24/7 without interrupting the emergency calls which are taken within the call centre. After a pilot test with the client and positive feedback from the call centre handlers we intend to deploy two of the 1700 disc vacuums for autonomous cleaning. Each machine fitted with a silenced box docking station allowing the machines to return to base, charge, empty and re-deploy without any requirement for human interaction.

Finally, In the two justice centres, in year 2 we plan to introduce sensory washroom technology in combination with Taqt washroom feedback devices to allow us to really focus the cleaning operation for a productive and sustainable future. It is well known within the industry that all the funding and support provided within the cleaning industry has gone since the demise of COVID. Now, and into the future, Sasse and our competitors must find new ways of working; continuing to provide a pristine service but targeted for a competitive and commercial advantage to the customer.

The Warwickshire Police contract shows the UK’s ambition to grow in this area of specialism. Warwickshire Police becomes the 4th ‘blue light’ emergency services contract in the UK which now includes Thames Valley Police, Thames Valley Air Ambulance, Royal Berkshire Fire & Rescue and now, Warwickshire Police.