Comprehensive services for company vaccination centres

Since federal and state governments published the relevant regulations, companies are increasingly choosing to offer their employees vaccinations at their own sites. Whether and how this is implemented depends on the one hand on the size of the company, and on the other, on the available expertise. Simply having a company doctor or in-house medical service may be one prerequisite, but this is not usually enough to provide the infrastructure and procedures for company vaccinations.

A majority of these infrastructure tasks are being undertaken by teams from Sasse Group on behalf of their clients. In terms of non-medical services, they have the required knowledge and tools – not least as a consequence of intensive use during the pandemic – to manage the operation of this kind of vaccination centre. “Our many years of experience working in clinics and the health sector are also a great advantage to us and our clients,” confirms Doctor of Medicine Christine Sasse.

Operating this type of vaccination centre involves all the measures for flawless hygiene in the spaces provided for the vaccination, i.e. cleaning, disinfection and the safe disposal of (special) waste. It also involves further organisational measures. “We manage adherence to entries and exits and monitor adherence to social distancing in waiting areas too. When vaccine recipients arrive, our teams measure temperatures, hand out the relevant information and consent forms and allocate appointments for the second vaccination. If required by the customer, we work with the vaccinating doctors to document the vaccination digitally so that vaccine recipients can show this evidence on their smartphone at any time.”

 “As is generally the case with facility services, we think and act holistically here,” says Sasse. “Our clients should be able to concentrate entirely on their core business, while we ensure that their employees feel well looked after.”