The new normal: Integrated Facilities Services for 4 DIN sites

The new normal: Integrated Facilities Services for four DIN sites

The German abbreviation “DIN” can be found in the operating instructions for our cars and fridges. It appears on packaging just as often as on electronic parts. It is even referenced in everyday speech, for example when we talk about the size of a piece of paper. For 104 years, “DIN” has stood for “Deutsche Industrie für Norming” (German Institute for Standardisation) and it steps in whenever a size must be defined and standardised – in Germany and around the world.

As a partner to the economy, research and society, DIN makes a significant contribution to supporting the marketability of innovative solutions through standardisation – whether in matters of digitalising the economy and society or in the context of research projects. As DIN partners, teams from the Sasse Group ensure smoothly functioning working environments at the DIN sites in Berlin, Hamburg, Pforzheim and Koblenz.

With “integrated Facilities Services”, i.e., technical, and infrastructural services, “this well-known customer puts their trust in us to provide a reliable environment for their day-to-day operations,” says Ralph Englert, Director of Sales for the Sasse Group.