Sustainability takes us further

Sustainability is a term with many possible interpretations. In facilities management it stands for one thing above all: to handle the objects and tools entrusted to us with such care that we create lasting benefits and prevent damage. At Sasse Group, we have pursued this idea from the very beginning: facilities management is effective beyond the day. This includes not only facilities and objects, but the world in which we all move.

A video of the FM initiative “Die Möglichmacher” (a German facilities management association called “the enablers”) provides the images for this thought – up to the use of technical possibilities to constantly improve our service and quality. Approaching tasks with open eyes and an alert mind: This not only means less consumption of energy and cleaning agents. It also means having more time where we can use it effectively. When exchanging ideas and suggestions with our clients. When discussing processes in a team. When designing innovations that make us even better.

Sustainability, as we understand it, is a responsibility we live by. For the efficiency and care of our work as well as for our fellow human beings and our environment. Examples of this can be found in our CSR report. At Sasse Group, for example, we are working consistently to ensure that we use less water in our work. For this purpose we use the most modern technology, for example in maintenance cleaning. In 2019, for example, we were able to reduce the consumption in maintenance cleaning by 857,000 litres group-wide. The effect is similarly strong when we use ultra-high concentrated cleaning agents sparingly: In this way, we reduce packaging waste. At one of our customer’s object, we have achieved a reduction of 80 percent.

In short: working sustainably – that is our fuel for the extra mile we go for our customers. It brings us and our customers forward on the common path to protecting the environment. Sustainability is therefore a core element of Sasse Service Excellence.