How “remote” transforms “distancing” into added value

The availability of services, facilities and objects around the clock no longer knows a two-tier society. Night hours or Sundays and public holidays, when reduced quality would be accepted, have mutated under the pressure of an aggressive competitive environment into full-service phases of equal standing. Last but not least, the rampant digitalisation of processes and the resulting disruptive business models no longer allow any compromises: 24/7/365 is the standard.

In order to achieve the increased standards and at the same time ensure economic efficiency, remote monitoring is therefore also standard in the facilities management of Sasse Group. Whether it is the sanitary facilities in an airport, the lighting in a high-tech production facility or the IT systems in a training centre: the continuous monitoring of the status, the comparison of target and actual values and the immediate analysis of the need for action ensures a significantly improved quality of service in more and more projects. A typical example can be found at the airports we serve: there, visitor flows in the sanitary facilities can be measured so precisely that consumer goods such as soap or toilet paper can be refilled at an early stage.

This shows that the really exciting thing about remote monitoring is always the directly following step in FM. This is particularly demanding in the case of technical systems. Our teams not only monitor the systems entrusted to them remotely, they can also control them. Any faults that are detected – or those that are just beginning to appear can usually be rectified directly without employees having to visit the facility. This speeds up the resolution of incidents enormously. At the same time, the specialists gain valuable time for those cases where a physical presence on site is indispensable.

In the course of digitalisation, Sasse Group has therefore refined and extended the principle of remote monitoring. Many applications that were on the wish list just a short time ago have now been realised by using digital tools: sensors have become more sensitive, measured data are more precise and available faster, the bandwidth is sufficient even for comprehensive interventions.

The large number of applications of remote monitoring means that, in connection with Sasse Service Excellence, we are now able to propose new services or service improvements to customers, which contribute to their attractiveness in the market, among customers and among employees in the long term. In phases during which “social distancing” is advisable, remote monitoring and processing makes a useful contribution to increased security.