Portfolio expansion: Renschler delivers contribution to sustainability

With the acquisition of August Renschler GmbH & Co. KG, Sasse Group gains additional inhouse expertise for resource-friendly installations. Thomas Ansorge, Managing Director for Facilities Services in the Sasse Group, explains the background in an interview.

Sasse Group has recently acquired a special company: Renschler Sanitärlösungen [sanitation solutions]. What was the occasion for this?

We have come across installations and products from Renschler time and again in the course of our work. Each time, the innovative ideas and product quality have impressed us. A company like this is worth looking into more closely. We found that Renschler’s speciality fits perfectly with our way of thinking about resource efficiency and sustainability. This goes for the people there too. Employees have impressive quality standards, exemplary team spirit and a good feeling for the wishes of their customers. This fits precisely with our Service Excellence.

How so?

Their speciality is waterless urinals. Waterless means an enormous saving of a valuable raw material. Ultimately, pure drinking water flows through the pipework and this can be used more valuably in another place. Another valuable skill at Renschler: expertise in drinking water hygiene for sampling, filtering and disinfection. This is an important area of responsibility for us.

Does this actually work?

Yes, the principle functions flawlessly. Problems arise only when the systems are not regularly and carefully maintained and serviced. Unfortunately, this is happening more frequently. Usually, the misunderstanding is that “we no longer need to do that…” This is where our understanding of Facilities Services comes into play – we don’t make assumptions, we get to the bottom of things.

Understood. But why buy the company?

It’s not just about direct access to Renschler’s excellent product quality. Every system they plan and install for customers is made individually and carefully by hand. We observe the entire lifecycle and can see that the benefits arise when a good product is also well maintained. This closes the loop between manufacturer and service provider. In this way, we obtain direct access to a procedure that we can recommend to our customers when they are thinking about resources and costs and then call on the expertise of Sasse for Facilities Services.

With regard to costs, won’t the whole thing be more expensive for the customer when they have to invest in system and maintenance?

It only looks that way at first glance because these urinals actually have to be serviced more frequently than traditional ones. The assumption that “a little water” hardly costs anything also comes into play here. But we’ve done the calculations: over a lifecycle of 25 years, depending on the size of the system, savings can sum up to enormous figures.