Know-how: First aid @ Sasse

Our qualified staff ensure that all our employees are safe at work and feel that their health is valued. This is done within the framework of our occupational health and safety guidelines and makes an important contribution, especially to motivation, quality of service and also to our common success. 

“Health and safety” is a dynamic topic that requires flexibility and quick reactions – whether because of new techniques, processes and tools or because of new instructions. We place particular value on swiftly identifying risks and errors so as to prevent anyone suffering injury. Communication is an important part of this concept; our management teams organise occupational health and safety so that there is clarity in all areas at all times. They ensure a safe and healthy workplace and share their responsibility with reliable people. 

This includes naming first aiders, who can respond quickly and courageously to an emergency where someone is injured. The necessary knowledge of first aid must be refreshed regularly so for some of our employees in the Munich Office, emergency first aid training has been on the calendar again this autumn. The one-day course included what to do if a colleague has chest pain and feels nauseous or if a colleague falls suddenly unconscious. Alongside the correct use of the classic “recovery position”, chest compressions and resuscitation procedures were also covered. Another section dealt with how to treat head injuries and apply a pressure dressing. The course provided a wide range of theoretical knowledge and sufficient opportunities to try out practical applications. 

We hope that none of our participants have to put the measures into practice but we know that in an emergency, they will be able to provide rapid and competent assistance.