Even with the most stringent of plans, construction sites can be a source of the unexpected. Facilities management for construction sites therefore requires a high degree of flexibility, decisiveness and improvisation. These talents are particularly challenged at the last minute. A public sector facility had to be cleaned and prepped the night before its official opening, where high-ranking delegates from the economic, political and cultural spheres were expected. Floors had to be polished, surfaces dusted and recreation areas cleaned to exude comfort. Thanks to many years of planning and organisational knowledge, the site managers managed to direct their teams in a coordinated and rapid manner. They made sure that the new building shone in perfect splendour at sunrise.

The Sasse-App is a reliable tool for the seamless communication between your administration and your point of contact at Sasse Group. Decentralised units can independently send tickets, requirements or notifications to Sasse Group – any time from anywhere, on site or off site.

The open and constructive dialogue with our client is one of the main pillars of Sasse Service Excellence. We will raise any issues immediately, without beating around the bush. We will take on your desires and requirements with open eyes and ears. We will tackle change and innovation straight on.

Digitalised control and notification processes shorten reaction times and make our work fully transparent for you. The open access to work management and communication creates additional flexibility in day-to-day processes.

We see ourselves as your partner for preservation and adding value. We are a team. This is also the understanding we share with our employees. Every individual employee brings their own qualities to the table: reliability, motivation and a strong work ethic. This is true both for project management as well as routine cleaning jobs.

We maintain stable and trusting business partnerships with institutions in the public sector in the UK, Germany and Austria. Innovation, quick and thorough work as well as straightforward and dynamic action are the keys to this success.

We regard our work as an integrated part of the procedures and structures of our clients’ businesses. Our processes are designed to allow for a smooth running of the property at all times. The digitalisation of our organisation and communication plays an important role here. By using specific tools that can be individually adapted to our clients, we can work and react quickly. This enables us to adapt to short-term changes and deviations from planned schedules quickly and reliably and deal with possible disruptions straight away.

Fully integrated facilities services create a pleasant and functional work environment for our clients’ employees.

By taking care of even the small details which influence the atmosphere at work, our services contribute to a sense of appreciation for their staff – and thus to a strong factor in their employer attractiveness.

Our teams are highly qualified and up to date on our service portfolio. Sasse Service Excellence signifies continuous dialogue as well as individual solution oriented decisions. Both are decisive factors for a constructive and successful partnership. By paying special attention to the economic sustainability and efficiency of our client we aim to contribute to their added value.