Around 30 companies from the chemical and pharmaceutical industries are located in an Upper Bavarian industrial park, covering an area of around two square kilometres. On behalf of the site operator, Sasse has taken over the maintenance cleaning of the entire area. The transition from the former service provider took place without a hitch thanks to detailed planning and well thought-out organisation. This way, we ensured that the individual needs and different local conditions were comprehensively covered. The customer is still satisfied today.

The Sasse-App is a reliable tool for the seamless communication between your administration and your point of contact at Sasse Group. Decentralised units can independently send tickets, requirements or notifications to Sasse Group – any time from anywhere, on site or off site.

The open and constructive dialogue with our client is one of the main pillars of Sasse Service Excellence. We will raise any issues immediately, without beating around the bush. We will take on your desires and requirements with open eyes and ears. We will tackle change and innovation straight on.

Digitalised control and notification processes shorten reaction times and make our work fully transparent for you. The open access to work management and communication creates additional flexibility in day-to-day processes.

We see ourselves as your partner for preservation and adding value. We are a team. This is also the understanding we share with our employees. Every individual employee brings their own qualities to the table: reliability, motivation and a strong work ethic. This is true both for project management as well as routine cleaning jobs.

We maintain stable and trusting business partnerships. Innovation, quick and thorough work as well as straightforward and dynamic action are the keys to this success.

  • Beiersdorf Manufacturing Berlin GmbH

No matter whether it is a warehouse or a laboratory; whether the task involves technical maintenance or cleaning: Our staff tackles all tasks with concentration and a professional understanding for the needs of the client. Continuous acquisition of knowledge and constructive cooperation in all industry specific processes are the sustainable basis for our services. We do not limit ourselves to merely ticking boxes on our service sheets. Wherever we see any potential work or process optimisation, we enter into an open and constructive dialogue with our clients.
Our understanding of the highly precocious service for cleanroom cleaning are essential for our holistic approach to our work for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

Where people and machines work together in fine-tuned cooperation, where investments in technology and facilities reach extraordinary dimensions, where the demands on employees are especially pronounced, this is where we contribute our part to a fully functioning and secure infrastructure.
At Sasse Group, this attitude is our conviction: Universal economic viability and the flexible and immediate adaptions to the realistic demand are the guidelines of our services. We follow our clients’ demands for transparency, quick implementation and reliable service. This is why we understand ourselves as a holistic service provider and move the boundaries of our service far beyond traditional facilities management, to include facade cleaning, winter services or security services, to name a few.